Let’s Learn Improv! (Ages 9-12)

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Improv! (Ages 9-12)

WHAT are you talking about? A fundamentals of improv comedy class. We learn all the basics of short-form improv comedy.

What would we be doing? Usually the class consists of warm ups, learning some important improv lessons, learning and playing new improv games, getting notes, and making each other laugh.

But like, why? It’s super fun. Not only that, if you’re considering a career in film or television, you can’t start learning improv early enough. That, and there’s an improv troupe at every theater and in almost every high school and college.

Get the edge on your competition and start now! Along with improv training, Joey can guarantee this class will teach you how to work better with others on stage, how to think quicker on your feet, and also how to be a better listener.

When? Saturdays 3/7/2020 – 4/25/2020, 3:00-4:30pm

Eh, I’m not sold yet. Well I can only say so much on a flyer until it’s no longer interesting enough to be on a web page, so if this sounds fun and you wanna know more email Joey! Shoot it over to Joeyfbusch@gmail.com

All classes are held at MTA and class size is limited to 20 STUDENTS.

Instructor: JOEY BUSCH

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