MTAOC’s Annual Night Under the Stars!

Every year around Fall, we try to make wishes come true here at MTAOC! We host an adult only evening of exquisite wines, specialty cocktails, and extraordinary food!

Live music is provided, along with valet service!

It’s a great time to meet new people, talk about the goings-on at MTA – and generally help this wonderful organization continue to thrive.

Our Goals

MTAOC has big dreams in store for your children for the 2020 season. We need your help in achieving them. All fundraising efforts will go towards making our MTAOC Productions the highest of caliber. By donating the cost of each attendance ticket, you will help us to reach our goal! Space is always limited, so please purchase your tickets and join us for another fun night!

To the right are MTAOC’s Wish List for additional options of giving.

All donations are tax deductible and will go towards production costs for MTAOC’s 2020 Season. 

Wish Upon A Star Specific Production Needs! 

The following includes 4 tickets to each MTAOC Show. VIP Seating Selection

$10,000 – This donation will enable us to continue to upgrade the microphones and sound equipment needed to support our high level productions! (Let’s get as many kids on mics as possible!) 

$8,000 – Full Set Package for each of our (3) seasonal productions! 

$3,000 – Rental cost of Prop packages – will cover 1-2 seasonal shows! 

$3,000 – Rental costs for Special Effects Lights and Projection costs. 

$2,000 – Costume Donation! MTAOC will need over $10,000 overall for costumes for all three shows next season!


The above items are just a subset of what it takes to run MTAOC as an organization. Our rental and storage space, our theatre rentals for shows, salaries for directors and office help, etc. Every little bit helps! Thanks so much for being part of the MTAOC Family!

Last year we raised over $50,000! This year, let’s try to raise the STAR GOAL! Thank you for your continued support! We could not do this without you!